Registering Linebacks

Looking to Register a Lineback?

The rule to registering in the ALCR

The animal must be a Lineback, and at least one of the parents of the offspring MUST be a registered dairy breed (the registered parent can be of ANY dairy breed).
If you have Lineback’s with unregistered dams but the sire is registered or vice versa, then yes you can register them.

Lineback Pattern

There are 4 distinctive patterns to the Lineback Breed: Classic White Witrick, Dark Sided Witrick, Dark Speckled Witrick, Gloucester.  Each displaying a unique color pattern.  All marked Linebacks will have speckled or dark sides, a dark nose, dark lined eyes and dark ears, with a white line down the back of the animal. The colors may range from Black, Red, Brown, Blue or White.

Click Here to see pictures of typical Lineback patterns

Registration Information

Please fill out registration form completely.

It is very important to provide accurate parentage information.  We DO NOT accept entries with animals just identified as “Grade”.  Every animals MUST HAVE a date of birth and if you are on DHI Test, then we need the ID number that the animal is Identified by.   This is for animals regardless of their breed.  Your registration papers will list the breed composition and percentage of your animal.

Printable Forms:




Online Form:

Online ALCR Registration Form

Registration Prices

Member Fees Cost
0-6 mon $8
6 mon – 1yr $10
13-24 mon $14
2 yrs & up $20
Non-Member Fees Cost
0-6 mon $16
6 mon – 1yr $20
13-24 mon $28
2 yrs & up $40
Misc. Fees Cost
Transfer (member) $5
Transfer (non-member) $7
Duplicate or Reprints $5
RUSH (anything less than 30 days) per animal $10

NOTE: Membership MUST be current to register your animal at member rates

Please make check(s) payable to ALCR.

Mail to:
ALCR / Dairy Cattle Registry
P.O. Box 118
Butler, MO 64730

Phone number: 816-738-4179
Fax number: 660-200-7211